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Discounted items

If you purchase a 15mm Ready Made Army or a DBA Army, you save yourself the trouble of working out what you need and save yourself some money at the same time. These packs are great for starting a new period of interest or fielding larger armies at a reasonable cost. For listings and prices of armies available please see '15mm Ready Made & DBA Armies' on the menu bar.

Ready made Army packs contain approximately 20 individual Tin Soldier Packs. At only £46.75 you save at least 15% on standard pack prices.

DBA Army packs are designed to conform to the army lists as found in the Wargames Research Groups publication "DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS", all armies consist of 12 elements, prices vary according to content.

The Universal Soldier

For the gamer who wishes to change or convert figures, we have a body figure and many separate head and weapon types. Details of these ranges will be found under '15mm Historical'.

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