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New Range Added - 25mm New Kingdom Egyptians - Listed under the Ancients Section for full range details and pictures.

Sale Products for limited time only are,

Tin Soldier has a large range entitled "THE SUCCESSORS", covering the states formed by the breakup of the empire of Alexander the Great. Armoured elephants, scythed chariots and exotic troop types are all available for you to build your Seleucid or Ptolemaic armies. We are offering on SALE a selection of our ELEPHANT SETS READY PAINTED FOR ONLY £22.00. To buy these go to our painted website  folow the link on our home page. See Successors under the 25mm Historical Section.

READY PAINTED SHIPS -Generic ancient decked Trireme type ship, suitable to represent Persian or Phoenician fleets for the period approx 450BC - 150BC Reduced to £29.95, a saving of £20.00 each. To buy these you must go to our painted website  follow the link on our home page. See Ships on the Main Menu for full details and photographs.

We have added a few extra codes into the Lydian/Ionian Greek range, followed by a range of GOTHS, VISIGOTHS & VANDALS. These represent the waves of invaders who pushed their way into the Late Roman Empire and eventually set up their own states in the West and in Africa. Ideal opponents, would of course, be our Late Imperial Romans.

There will be more new ranges later in the year. As they say "watch this space"!

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