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High quality cast historical and fantasy figurines in 15mm & 25mm scale for the wargamer or collector
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About Us

Welcome to the website of Tin Soldier UK . We have been manufacturing high quality gaming and collector figures for over 20 years in the UK. and even longer in Australia.

Our figures are cast in a blend of tin and lead known as "white metal". Tin gives good definition and lead gives malleability.

Our figures are available in both 15mm and 25mm scales.

The actual size of the "25mm" is 27mm when measured from sole to eye. This makes them compatible with the term "28mm" which some manufacturers use.

Our recent 25mm ranges have concentrated on the "ancients", and you will find a huge choice of figures to build armies from many different periods including the Graeco/Macedonians, Carthaginians and Romans.

Thank you for choosing Tin Soldier. We hope you find hours of pleasure in painting, organising and gaming with our products.

Happy gaming.


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